Roles and responsibilities

Everyone's responsibility

Everyone has a shared responsibility to play:

  • Tread lightly and leave no trace
  • Be respectful of wildlife and keep your distance to avoid stressing animals
  • Be respectful of private land and contact land owners to seek permission to enter
  • Be aware of basic hygiene procedures to reduce the risk of introducing pathogens or spreading disease
    (See NSW Government Hygiene guidelines)

Responsibility of trusted individuals

NatureMapr is supported by a comprehensive sensitive species safeguarding framework that ensures the whereabouts of sensitive plant and animal species are safeguarded at all times.

NatureMapr provides several important security privileges that can be assigned to trusted individuals within the community and or government.

These privileges provide nominated individuals with elevated privileges over and above a normal user to:

  • Support the management of important or problematic species
  • Support the management of a particular location
  • Support conservation work and/or research
  • Support platform and taxonomy administration

The following diagram provides an overview of the privileges granted to trusted individuals in accordance with NatureMapr's sensitive species safeguarding framework:

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